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Change your life by winning the lottery with the help of an expert number picker. With just a few pieces of information, he gives you the combination of numbers you need to play successfully.

Our founder feels this is his calling, so there is no charge for these services. All we ask is that you pass on what you learn so that others can be helped and provide a small donation of your choosing.


Find out how to hit the big time at the lottery when you contact us today in Cleveland, Ohio. 

About Us

Player's in Cleveland, Ohio, provides lottery secrets to help you get a share in the American dream. Whether you play on a regular basis or are a novice, owner Pleas El unlocks the secrets to picking the perfect numbers.

Meet the Founder

As a Vietnam veteran, Pleas El has traveled the world by land, sea, and air. Now he wants to help others follow their dreams and be happy. People are drawn to him by his faith and unique name. Dedicated to the community, he supports Mt. Pleasant Community Church and the Moorish Science Temple of America.

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